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The doubles champions at BRD Bucharest Open, Irina Begu and Andreea Mitu, hope the tournament will stay in Romania. „It’s important for us, players”

Irina Begu and Andreea Mitu made good use of the wild card they received from the tournament and won the doubles title at BRD Bucharest Open. Irina, who won last year with Raluca Olaru was supposed to play with Monica Niculescu, who is still recovering after an injury-riddled season. Begu approached Mitu, who is making her comeback to the tour after giving birth six months ago. They only dropped a set on their way to the title, in the semi-final against the Romanian team Cristian/Ruse.

The two talked about the final and what this title means to them at BRD Insider Studio, the daily TV show produced by Treizecizero at Arenele BNR.

In the final, they were in control for most of the match. Irina: “I talked to Raluca (Olaru) before the match, she gave me some tips about the game, how to play in key moments, and I went on court pretty relaxed. Andreea started very well, too.” Andreea: “I was more nervous yesterday. Today I was very confident in the first set. In the second I made some bad decisions, but I knew I shouldn’t dwell on them.”

The public is becoming more and more knowledgeable, they know when to cheer and support the players. Irina: “Yesterday it was more difficult because all the players were Romanian. But today we felt their support. We love playing at home.”

How did they get together as a team? Irina: “Initially, I was supposed to partner with Sara Errani. Then, I talked to Monica Niculescu, who cancelled a few days before the tournament because of an injury. I talked to my team and asked them who else was available. I wanted to play with a Romanian player. I saw Andreea around, she was not playing singles but she was practicing, so I asked her if she wanted to play, and the rest is history.”

Andreea: “We talked last Saturday; I knew I wasn’t ready to play a WTA tournament yet. But I am very happy she accepted to play with me and I’m pleased that I helped her defend her title. It’s incredible; I played a final here in 2015, it is the most important tennis event in Romania.”

Irina: “We practiced together this week, but success in doubles depends on chemistry and communication. Sometimes you click with the other player, sometimes you don’t and luckily for us everything came together this week. I’m happy I defended my title and I am happy for Andreea: I know how important is for her to come back to the tour and play well.”

For Andreea the last two, three months have been a rollecoaster: “I will have a few days off, I can’t wait because it has been very stressful, very tiring. This title gives me a lot of hope and I am determined to work hard because I have a lot of catching up to do. This title shows me I am on the right track.”

What’s it like finishing a week with a title? It doesn’t happen very often in tennis. “We lose almost every week. When you take home the trophy you feel great, it lifts your mood.”

It will be hard for them to play more doubles in the near future, because Andreea doesn’t have the necessary ranking. “I’ll be ranked around 200 in doubles, and in singles we will have a different schedule. I want to focus on singles, I will continue playing 15k ITF tournaments for now.”

How important is to keep this tournament in Bucharest? Irina: “For me personally, this tournament is very special, because I have won it and I have great memories from past years. But it helps all the Romanian players to have a tournament like this at home. They can get wildcards, we can all play in front of our public. We have so many players in the top 200 and I think we deserve a tournament like this in Romania. I will keep playing here as long as it stays in Bucharest.”

Andreea: “During the trophy ceremony, our opponents had nothing but good things to say about the tournament. The venue is beautiful, we can stay at home, and have all our friends and family come and support us. My goal is to play singles next year, not only doubles.”

How will they celebrate? Irina: “Last year we finished late at night, now we are done a lot earlier. We haven’t had time to think about it. I haven’t decided yet if I’m playing Moscow, so depending on that we’ll see if we have time to celebrate.” Andreea: “My schedule is stricter (laughs), I need to be home with Adam (her 6-month baby). But he is a very sweet child, didn’t make a fuss during the ceremony.”

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Editorial Staff | 23 July 2018
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