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Q&A with Anastasija Sevastova: “I always like to come here”

Anastasija Sevastova is yet in another final in Bucharest as she previously lost to Simona Halep in 2016 final. The no. 1 seed is through to the final at the BRD Bucharest Open after Polona Hercog was forced to retire after the first set, 6-1. She has always said she likes the conditions here and always played her best tennis and hopes this will come as an advantage for her final against Petra Martic.

Congratulation for another final in Bucharest, did you noticed Polona was injured?

I didn’t see she was injured, I mean I saw she got the tape, but only in the last game I saw she wasn’t moving really well. I’m just happy I didn’t stay on the court for three hours and finish at 1 AM (laughs), so I am happy about that.

You played two matches during the night here and today during the day, how was it to adapt to daylight conditions?

It’s a bit different during the day, it was a bit windy out there, but I already played a match during the day in my first match, so you struggle a little bit and see how it is because the balls are flying more.

How do you feel about playing Petra in a final?

Great! (laughs). I lost the last match I played against her in Paris last year at Roland Garros, it was not a great match from my side, so I hope I’m going to be better tomorrow.

Do you think having a shorter match today will help you tomorrow?

Maybe it will help me, maybe not. She played long matches and it didn’t affect her, so it depends on how you feel. I can only speak about myself, I am playing better and better every day, so that is a good sign.

You already played a final here, do you think about it?

Actually, I do and I don’t feel that bad (laughs). I still feel happy that I played that final, it’s not like I lost to nobody, I lost to Simona.

Is it better to play like in Grand Slam with one day off than here, in a smaller tournament, where you have to play day by day?

It depends. There are more tournaments like this than Grand Slams. I feel OK playing like that, I can adjust. Sometimes is also tough to have a day off, you can lose a little bit the feeling. If you have a long match is good to have a day off, but I you play a short match it’s better to play the next day.

Did you set any goals at the start of the week?

I set the goal to win the first round. I was almost out of the tournament; I was 0-3 down so it’s tough to set goals. I wanted to win the first round. Now I am in the final, but I could have been out in the first round.

It seems like you feel good to play here.

I always like to come here. Before I am at home and then I come here, so I have good feelings to be at home, seeing my family and then coming here. I always play well here, even last year. I like the conditions here, I like that it’s hot, also playing at night, basically I like everything here.



Editorial Staff | 21 July 2018
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