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Q & A with Petra Martic: “My goal this year was to win my first WTA event and I really hope it’s going to be tomorrow”

Petra Martic has reached her first final of the year after she beat Mihaela Buzarnescu, 6-4, 6-4. She hopes to mark off one oh her goal of the year, to win a WTA title She is now one step closer as she will meet Anastasija Sevastova in the final at BRD Bucharest Open.

What was different in your favor from the previous match in Birmingham?

Every match is different; I mean, the surface is different. To be honest I like it, as I told you yesterday I just tried to use the court to my advantage, the match was still tough, she is a great player. The match from four weeks ago, a few points decided the winner and today was the same story?

Did you expect to be even tougher playing against her today?

We are at the end of the tournament, you have four best players left in and the difference is going to be small which I think is normal, so I am just happy today I ended up winning the match.

It’s the first final this year, is it sweeter?

True, my goal this year was to win my first WTA event and I really hope it’s going to be tomorrow.

In previous matches a lot of people cheered for you, how was it today to play against a Romanian player?

They really spoiled me because I really felt like playing at home, but today I was ready to face them on the other side. It’s really great to see people out there and being so passionate about the sport, of course, it’s normal for them to be on her side and I expect them tomorrow to be on my side again.

How are you feeling about the final tomorrow?

I’m really excited to play, I’m happy today I didn’t play three sets because the last two matches were really tough for me, I needed a shorter matches. I didn’t play here before, she is the favorite which I like that she has that pressure but I think if I play well enough I have a pretty good chance to beat her.

How is it playing against a player who talks to her a lot?

We know she is very emotional, I am the same, maybe I just keep it a little bit more inside, but I know how it is to be pissed and to talk to yourself in not such a nice way, but she is a really nice girl and it’s just a part of her I guess.

Editorial Staff | 21 July 2018
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